No. The ZoneRanger system has been designed as a ‘plug and play’ system, meaning it can be used right out of the box.

Yes. The device is small and lightweight to allow it to be worn attached to a lanyard, worn on the wrist or clipped to a hard hat or clothing.

See the wearable options here: Accessories

Yes.  Simply wipe the devices down with a sanitiser or wipe at the end of each use.

Your ZoneRanger devices are charged using the RangerHub. Simply plug the devices in at the end of each shift, and they’ll be charged automatically.

The ZoneRanger devices have 12 hours of battery life – more than enough to cover a day’s work.

The HazardZone plant mounted system can run for 24-48 hours from the battery if power is not available from the plant power socket.

Custom branding is available on request. Minimum order quantity’s apply.

Social Distancing: should you wish to adjust the distance at which your ZoneRanger devices sound an alarm, you will need to contact our technical team who will be happy to provide you with a mass update USB stick for changing the parameters via the RangerHub.

HazardZone: The distance settings and other parameters can be changed from the online portal or through a request to our technical team.

The HazardZone system creates a virtual exclusion zone around plant or equipment using highly accurate ultra-wide band (UWB) technology. If someone wearing a ZoneRanger device enters the exclusion zone, both the pedestrian and operator receive a warning.

HazardZone is designed for use on construction sites, but is also suitable for use in logistics, waste/recycling and other industries where plant and people are required to work together.

As HazardZone is an extension to the ZoneRangers functionality, both functions can be run simultaneously, please contact us to learn more.

When using a pace maker you should mount the ZoneRanger device at least 30cm from the pace maker, we recommend that a helmet clip or wrist strap is used in preference to the lanyard.

Yes, HazardZone has been designed to be fitted to plant without requiring any modifications, using magnet mounts and battery power.

Yes, the HazardZone control box can be connected to external power (9-48 volts) from the plant, to allow optional powered beacons and/or sirens and to charge the batteries.

Yes, if a second person enters the exclusion zone this will also be displayed on the touch screen.

No. HazardZone is designed to be an extra level of protection for the worker and does not replace primary controls such as briefings and plant/people separation.

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