ZoneRanger enables businesses to get back to work with confidence by minimising the risk of disease transmission in the workplace, especially in environments when physical distancing is a challenge.

Personal Protective Equipment forms an effective physical barrier to infection.  However it is not always safe or practical for use in the workplace, especially in manufacturing environments.  ZoneRanger is an effective front line defence against infection that does not impair the user’s comfort or safety in any way.

No.  Simply unbox, charge and your ZoneRanger devices are ready to use.  The RangerHub, which is wall mounted, provides all you need so you don’t need any additional devices or software.

Yes.  We have developed a small and light device that can be worn around the neck, clipped to a hard hat or clothing, or with the wrist strap.  ZoneRanger is safe even in high risk environments such as building sites.

See the wearable options here: Accessories

ZoneRanger doesn’t collect or store any data about people’s movements.  It simply alerts the user when another person wearing the device is too close by, so there’s no reason to worry about data or privacy.

Yes.  Simply wipe the devices down with a sanitiser or wipe at the end of each use.

Your ZoneRanger devices are charged using the RangerHub. Simply plug the devices in to store at the end of each shift, and they’ll be charged automatically.

A full charge will give 12 hours of battery life – more than enough to cover a day’s work.

Custom branding is available on request. Minimum order quantity’s will apply.

Should you wish to adjust the distance at which your ZoneRanger devices sound an alarm, you’ll need to contact our technical team who will be happy to provide you with an updating USB stick for changing the parameters via the RangerHub.