Plant/People Interface

Construction had the largest number of fatal injuries by sector last year, with ‘struck by a moving vehicle’ being the second largest cause

What is HazardZone?

HazardZone by OnSite Support manages the plant/people interface through wearable devices. It creates a virtual exclusion zone around a vehicle or machine, alerting both the pedestrian and the operator if the exclusion zone is breached.

Combine these real-time warnings with access to data-rich reporting (inc. optional GPS data) to improve the safety of your workforce

Hard-wearingHard-wearing, robust and IP65 rated, designed for the construction industry
Simple Proven ProcessesSimple proven processes, supporting a robust reliable system
Works with Hired PlantNon-invasive installation using magnetic attachments means the system is fully compatible with hired plant, requiring no modifications to install
Multi-useMulti-use: interchangeable between plant and scalable for small to large plant
Accurate Data CollectionAccurate data collection for full incident and near miss reporting allowing easy behavioural analysis
Optional Touch ScreenIn-cab touch screen for additional status information inc. directional hazard warnings and easy configuration
Easy to InstallEasy to install with magnetic mounting and battery powered - No need to hardwire into plant systems
CustomisableCustomisable to provide plant/people alerts and social distancing alerts simultaneously
Pedestrian TagsReducing costs by using interchangeable pedestrian tags with daily registration system

System Componments

Control Box

The control box is the central part of the system and can operate as a standalone unit or, for larger plant, additional antennas can be added

Additional Antennas

For larger plant, antennas are used to expand the exclusion zone and increase the signal coverage. This provides additional safety and accuracy while being easy to install and maintain. Up to 4 external antennas can be fitted to each machine.

Operator Console

Recognising the complexity of modern plant, there are 2 options for the cab console.


Designed for simplicity and ease of use this unit is usable in any plant cab. Avoid the distraction of another screen, with simple audible and visual alerts to warn the plant operator.


The touchscreen provides additional information on the status of the system, in addition to alerting the operator to any exclusion zone breaches, and providing directional warnings (when used in conjunction with additional antennas). In addition, the system is fully customisable and allows settings to be configured through a password protected menu.

External Warning Devices

Up to 2 additional warning devices, such as beacons or sirens, can be connected to the control box when it is connected to the vehicle power supply.

ZoneRanger System

HazardZone works in combination with the ZoneRanger wearable to provide a single wearable which covers a host of functions. This wearable system also comes with the RangerHub centralised charging station and the RangerScan, allowing daily inter-person use.

Mangement Reporting

Online Reporting Service

Online reporting through our Microsoft PowerBi reporting service means you can monitor site usage and performance and act on information quickly where needed. The data is live, & refreshed every 15 minutes, to ensure you can keep up with site behaviours.

Behavioural reporting gives insight into performance over time, allowing identification of trends and preventative actions to be taken before an accident occurs.

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