ZoneRanger is an ideal tool for professionals across a range of sectors including construction, distribution, logistics, healthcare and education

Building sites present unique physical distancing challenges, even when working outdoors.  It’s vital that people can move freely and safely around these spaces without feeling restricted, and with their full attention focused on the job at hand.

ZoneRanger enables construction personnel to work smarter and faster by eliminating the distraction of physical distancing – simply attach the device to clothing or PPE, and get on with the day ahead safe in the knowledge that ZoneRanger will alert if they get too close to another colleague on site. Infection risk is minimised and site progress is safeguarded for a robust long-term recovery.

Warehouses and distribution centres are busy places, with people and goods moving around all the time.  This continual movement means it can be difficult to maintain physical distancing protocols and efforts to do so can seriously slow down operations.

ZoneRanger makes it easier for personnel working in these environments to keep a safe distance apart, reducing their risk of infection and enabling them to get on with their work in a more relaxed manner.  As a result, staff feel less stressed, absences due to ill health are minimised and workflows become more fluid, enabling distribution businesses to meet the needs of their customers more effectively.

Factories and production lines are some of the most efficient working environments on earth, but even with the most stringent physical distancing measures in place it’s essential for people to move around within them.  ZoneRanger works perfectly in tandem with visual tools such as stickers, graphics and signage to give staff the confidence they need.  Workers are enabled to concentrate fully on the task at hand, safe in the knowledge that they system will alert them if other personnel are too close, reducing the likelihood of contact and other adverse incidents.


In the corporate world, questions around physical distancing may be partly addressed by optimising office layouts and changing protocols for break times – but even in these environments, it’s impossible to dictate that people can’t move around.  Collaboration and sharing ideas face to face is an important element of daily business life and even lunch or comfort breaks may present a challenge.  ZoneRanger makes it easy for staff to get on with their day whether they’re sitting at their workstation, having lunch in a communal area or moving between offices for collaborative working.

Healthcare environments have been at the forefront of the response to Covid-19 and the way they operate in future will never be the same.  The need to protect both patients and frontline staff from infection is of paramount importance, and this applies across clinical and non-clinical areas.

ZoneRanger has applications in all health and care settings from hospitals and GP surgeries to care homes and private sector clinics.  It is especially useful for non-clinical and support staff who do not have direct patient contact, to help ensure they maintain a safe distance from visitors and colleagues as they go about their day-to-day workplace activities.

Getting schools and colleges back up and running in the wake of a pandemic presents significant difficulties.  The safety of both staff and students must be considered and the complexities are many – space within classrooms, student numbers, and the specific needs of younger pupils must all be considered carefully before schools can reopen.

ZoneRanger offers a simple yet effective tool to aid physical distancing that is easy for even the youngest child to understand – a beep and a vibration lets them know they’re too close.  Using ZoneRanger in education environments supports dynamic, non-desk-based learning and means there’s less need for distracting visual safety cues.